Sweeter Than The Radio - The Icecream Hands

Label:Rubber Records
Highlights:Spirit Level Windowsill
Yellow & Blue
Gasworks Park
Picture Disc From Benelux

Rating: 9.5/10

The Icecream Hand's third album, Sweeter Than The Radio, is not only their best to date but is also one of the best albums of 1999. It may be hard to believe but Sweeter Than The Radio actually is an improvement on the band's critically acclaimed last album, Memory Lane Traffic Jam. Wayne Connolly's production is excellent throughout and the addition of keyboards and organ adds a further dimension to the band's sound.

Opening with the deceptively simple Can Anyone Be Hypnotised? allows lead vocalist Charles Jenkins to showcase just what a wonderful voice he has. The album then moves up a gear with the perfect pop singles Spirit Level Windowsill, Dodgy (which features You Am I's Tim Rogers), Nipple and Yellow & Blue. Gasworks Park is perhaps the highlight of the album with its swirling guitar and sad, haunting feeling. Such is the strength of this album that both Picture Disc From Benelux and Giving It All Away could easily be released as future singles. Even throwaway tracks like Bad Hip and Magic Pudding Blues don't detract from the majesticy of this album. If this album doesn't stamp the Icecream Hands as one of Australia's premier pop outfits then nothing will.

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